Anchor Bay to Roll Out Danny Dyer's 'Vendetta' in U.K. and Australia

The Starz-owned distributor inks a U.K. and Aussie deal for the British thriller written and directed by Stephen Reynolds.
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Danny Dyer

LONDON – Anchor Bay Entertainment has inked a deal for U.K. and Australian rights to Stephen Reynolds' Vendetta, starring Danny Dyer.

The movie details the story of a special operative interrogator who goes after a gang who killed his parents while avoiding being tracked down by his old unit and the cops.

Anchor Bay inked the pact with Jonathan Sothcott’s Richwater Films with the deal signed by Sothcott for Richwater and Anchor Bay’s acquisition director Rod Smith.

The deal promises a U.K. theatrical rollout for the picture in the winter 2013.

Dyer stars alongside Vincent Regan, Bruce Payne, Roxanne McKee, Nick Nevern, Emma Samms and Ricci Harnett.

Anchor Bay Entertainment is a division of Starz and has outposts in Canada, the U.K. and Australia in addition to its HQ in Beverley Hills.

Sothcott describes Vendetta as a "very important film" for him "and finding the right domestic home for it was paramount."

Added Sothcott: "It is easy for good movies to get lost in the sea of DTV dross but I know that Rod and all at Anchor Bay realize that they have something special here -- a high quality action thriller that really delivers."

Smith portrayed Dyer and Sothcott, who previously made The Devil's Playground together, as having track records "second-to-none in the U.K. home entertainment industry."

Said Smith: "This film is Danny Dyer’s best performance since The Business and it is Jonathan Sothcott’s best film to-date."