Andy Serkis Revives Gollum to Mock U.K.'s Brexit Negotiations

Andy Serkis_CinemaCon - Getty - H 2018
Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CinemaCon
"Oh precious, our agreement, this is it, our deal, yessss, yesss," hisses the actor while dressed up as British leader Theresa May.

Gollum has a Brexit plan, kind of. 

The U.K.'s ongoing and increasingly fraught attempts to negotiate its departure from the European Union were given some much-needed comic relief over the weekend thanks to some expert trolling by Andy Serkis. 

In a video shared by the actor Sunday, titled "Leaked: Footage from Inside No. 10 Downing Street," Serkis, dressed up to resemble the U.K.'s embattled Prime Minister Theresa May in a gray wig and blue jacket, has a back-and-forth conversation with himself as The Lord of the Rings' Gollum (and his "good" alter-ego Smeagol) after being handed a Brexit withdrawal agreement by a government aide. 

"Oh precious, our agreement, this is it, our deal, yessss, yesss. We takes back control, money, borders, laws, blue passportses," May's Gollum says. "No, it hurts the people — makes them poorer," her Smeagol replies.

The video landed just two days ahead of a crucial Parliamentary vote on whether to accept May's current Brexit deal or reject it (many predict it will be rejected with a large majority), and, perhaps indicating Serkis' own thoughts on the matter, was captioned: "We's in a nasty mess, my precioussss, and there's only one way out. We wants it. We neeeeds it!"

Last year, Serkis brought back Gollum to read out Donald Trump tweets on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

See the full video, which had attracted more than 370,000 views as of Monday morning, below.