Andy Serkis Reads Trump Tweets as Gollum

What if all of Donald Trump's tweets were read in Gollum's voice? Andy Serkis was happy to oblige Stephen Colbert's request to find out what Trump's tweets would sound like in the voice of the Lord of the Rings character.

Serkis really got into it, curling up on Colbert's chair and saying, "The Fake News media has never been so wrong."

Colbert grinned broadly as Serkis continued about the media's "agenda of hate." His delivery of "Sad" brought a giant round of applause from the audience.

When faced with the covfefe tweet "Gollum" was confused. "Wait, what's covfefe, precious?" he asked.

"That's the most beautiful thing," said Colbert when Serkis was done.