Angelina Jolie: Maleficent Is a Character to Commit to (Video)

A new promotional video for Disney's summer fairy tale retelling sees the Academy Award-winning actress admit that the evil queen was "one of those characters [that] you couldn’t half do it."
Walt Disney

Disney’s Maleficent will be released at the end of the month, meaning that it’s time for the studio to start introducing the character to audiences. After all, everyone might have seen Snow White, but how many people recognize the name “Maleficent”?

Of course, the character isn’t necessarily the key to promoting the movie successfully. With co-star Elle Fanning, screenwriter Linda Woolverton and director Robert Stromberg all singing the praises of Angelina Jolie in the role — Fanning says that she “has that intense beauty,” and it’s unclear whether or not she’s talking about the character or the actress — it’s clear that everyone involved with the movie recognizes the importance of the actress for audiences.

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For her part, Jolie said that she was “really moved by the script” for the movie. “When I was a little girl, she was my favorite Disney character,” Jolie explains during the short, adding that she has a “wicked” sense of fun — something that may or may not be a fun, considering the obvious, if possibly coincidental reference. “It’s one of those characters who, for me, you couldn’t half do it.”

Maleficent is released in theaters May 30.