Animated 'Hercules' Poster Brings Man Vs. Lion to Life

The "Living One-Sheet" for Brett Ratner's movie sets up one of the titan's famous labors.
Paramount Pictures/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures

It’s a scene that’s appeared in both trailers to date, and now the face-off between Dwayne Johnson’s mythical titan and the King of the Jungle has been turned into a “living one-sheet” poster promoting this month’s Hercules.

The “living” poster (below) is another incarnation of the “motion poster” idea that showed up to promote Fox’s The Wolverine last year: short loops of video that expand the traditional poster format into something more akin to a gif or Vine video as if to make it a little bit more palatable for Internet-familiar audiences and our short attention spans.

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This time around, it’s more than just animated raindrops on offer, however: instead, it’s a fast-cut creep (literally, in the case of the lion) towards the familiar scene of the lion pouncing onto Johnson’s character, upon which the movie’s logo and other pertinent information is superimposed. Whether or not it’s going to be eye-catching enough to lure in an audience who haven’t already seen the movie depends on the size of the lion-attacks-man fanbase out there, but who knows? Perhaps that’s a massively underestimated demographic waiting to be uncovered.

Hercules, directed by Brett Ratner, is released July 25.