New 'Ant-Man' Trailer Spotlights Paul Rudd's Comedic Side (Video)

Paul Rudd is "different" in the latest Ant-Man trailer.

While the film's first trailer was underwhelming and formulaic, the latest preview shows off more of the comedy to come in the Marvel release.

For example, when Rudd says he's ready "to stop breaking into places and stealing stuff," he's then told by Michael Douglas, "I need you to break into a place and steal some stuff." 

He also thinks his great allies — ants — are "kinda cute" and still hasn't warmed up to the name. "I know; it wasn't my idea."

Wait until the end to see what really happens when two shrunken-down suits fight on a train.

Ant-Man, directed by Peyton Reed and also starring Corey Stoll, hits theaters July 17.