'Anthem' Reveals New Game Details

A new class of Javelin has been revealed, the Interceptor.

EA and Bioware have unveiled new information for their upcoming multiplayer action RPG Anthem.

The game allows players to control their own "Freelancer," guns-for-hire that explore the dangerous alien world of Anthem in customizable exoskeleton suits, called Javelins. Along with the three Javelin classes that Bioware has already shown off (Ranger, Juggernaut and Storm), the studio debuted footage of a fresh suit: the Interceptor. 

Unlike the lumbering damage-tank Juggernauts or the more balanced Ranger classes, the new Interceptor suits are built for attack. 

Described as the most agile and acrobatic Javelin, the new suit is designed for players who want to hit fast and hard. Unlike the Juggernaut, Interceptors are not high on defense but have been likened to ninjas or other assassins, with gear specifically designed for assaults and strikes. Video of the Interceptor in action can be viewed above.

Anthem is billed as a multiplayer action RPG with an open world. Players can interact and build relationships with NPCs in the world, as well as embarking on missions with other gamers around the world.

The game is Bioware's first title since 2017's Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth entry in the popular Mass Effect series. The release did not live up to the commercial success of its 2012 predecessor, Mass Effect 3. Anthem aims to establish a new series for the company, which has found success in the past with its Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic franchises.

Anthem will be released Feb. 22 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.