APA Signs Brit Indie Comic Company Com.X (Exclusive)

Com.X Logo - P 2012
<p>Com.X Logo - P 2012</p>
The company's noteworthy books include "Cla$$war" and "Forty-five."

British independent comic company Com.X has signed with APA for representation.

The company is relatively young compared to others on the scene (it was created in 2000) but has put out some noteworthy books. Among them:

Cla$$war – the company’s best-known comic, first published in 2002 and voted as “indie superhero comic book of the year” by comics magazine Wizard.

The Last American – a post-apocalyptic story from John Wagner, Alan Grant and Mike McMahon, all of whom worked on the Judge Dredd comics.

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Forty-five – perhaps the company’s most lauded work, it focuses on a series of interviews by a journalist and expectant father who interviews 45 superpowered individuals in the hope that their experiences may better prepare him for the birth of a child that is potentially gifted with extraordinary abilities. The comic already has Josh Donen of Stars Road Entertainment producing.

Monster Myths – a new graphic novel that debuted at Comic-Con and, despite the supernatural nature of its title, is a gritty bikers vs taggers story.

The company is run by ad exec Eddie Deighton, who also co-authored the script for Konami’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Jon Sloan, a former Vivendi Universal and Konamiu marketing exec, and Benjamin Shahrabani, the company’s man in LA who wrote One in the Chamber, an action movie starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Dolph Lundgren which comes out on DVD and VOD later this month from Anchor Bay.