Apocalyptic Comic 'Post Americana' Debuts Early Look (Exclusive)

Post Americana
Steve Skroce/Image Comics
The new series comes from regular Wachowskis collaborator Steve Skroce.

Current events in the real world may feel a little like the end of the world, but Image Comics’ new series Post Americana, launching next month, is ready to demonstrate that things could be worse — and somewhat familiar at the same time.

Set decades after the collapse of society, the series wonders about what comes next as one of the few survivors — one of a group of rich Americans who survived in a super bunker originally intended to save the (now dead) U.S. government — declares himself the President of the United States of America… and one girl in the wilderness sets out to stop his plan to rebuild the country based on the subjugation around her.

Post Americana is an apocalyptic, sci-fi story about who gets to rewrite the American Dream for the next age, after a cataclysm wipes out most of humanity,” creator Steve Skroce told The Hollywood Reporter about the six-issue series.

Skroce is a creator known both for comic book work for Marvel, including Wolverine and The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as his numerous collaborations with the Wachowskis, including the comic books Doc Frankenstein and Ectokid and storyboards for The Matrix trilogy. In recent years, he’s illustrated We Stand on Guard, written by Brian K. Vaughan, and written and illustrated Maestros, both of which were published by Image Comics.

Post Americana, also published by Image Comics, will debut Dec. 9 digitally and in comic book stores. Keep reading for an exclusive extended preview from the first issue.