Apple Bans 'Sex Criminals' from iOS (Kind Of)

Sex Criminals #2 cover - P 2013
<p>Sex Criminals #2 cover - P 2013</p>   |   Chip Zdarsky/Image Comics
Writer Matt Fraction confirms that Apple has banned the Image Comics series from the ComiXology app, but not from its own iBooks store.

Two weeks after its release, the second issue of Image Comics' Sex Criminals series has been banned from ComiXology's iOS app by Apple -- but that doesn't mean that it's been banned by Apple in its entirety, oddly enough.

Series writer Matt Fraction confirmed that Apple had banned the second issue of the comedy series he co-created with artist Chip Zdarksy on Twitter yesterday:

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He continued, writing that Apple had "every right to decide what they will and will not sell and where," but that he and Zdarsky "have every right to mock them for it." In another tweet, he wrote "this isn't censorship, it's hypocrisy and, also, hilarious."

This news doesn't mean that Sex Criminals #2 can't be read on the ComiXology app on an Apple device -- interested parties can simply purchase the issue via the ComiXology website (where, uncoincidentally, the first issue is now available for free) and then download it onto the device of their choice.