First 'Aquaman' Footage Makes Waves at Comic-Con

Jason Momoa came in like a rock star.

The first look at James Wan's Aquaman made a splash at San Diego Comic-Con.

Jason Momoa ran out, sporting a trident and high-fiving the crowd as Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" blared. The king had arrived, and he truly was a rockstar.

"We can't say too much. We're a ways away, but we made something very, very special," said Momoa, who had flown in from the Australian set of Aquaman just to be in Hall H.

He presented a small teaser, which was exclusively for the Comic-Con crowd and has not been released online.

There are two old men fishing in a little boat in the sea. French music plays, and the scene is playful in tone. One of the men gets something caught on his fishing line, which starts pulling the boat faster and faster. Finally, the fishing rod flies out of his hand. They look down and see ships from Atlantis under the water. They are flying like spaceships. We are then transported underwater to see the fleet, including Atlantians riding sharks. It's like Star Wars underwater. Later, we see Momoa wielding a sword, speaking to someone. Then it cuts to black.

"I want the audience to experience Atlantis the first time Aquaman experienced it as well," Wan said in a video message, calling the film an origin story. He added that the world the team has created is "strikingly original."

Momoa later confirmed those ships belong to Ocean Master, the villain (and brother to Aquaman) played by Patrick Wilson in the movie.

The spot premiered in Hall H during Warner Bros.' Saturday presentation, which also included looks at Justice League and Ready Player One.

Amber Heard also stars in the movie as his love interest, Mera

Mamoa's Aquaman will first be seen in Zack Snyder's Justice League (out Nov. 17), fighting alongside fellow franchise newcomers The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher). The stand-alone hits theaters Dec. 21, 2018.