Aquaman Gets His Own 'Teen Drama' (Video)

Previously a soppy bridesmaid when it comes to the televisual spotlight, Aquaman finally gets his own series with this new five-part web parody.
Jim Lee/DC Entertainment

The permanent butt of many a superhero joke, DC Entertainment's Aquaman has nonetheless made a reasonable pop culture footprint in recent years, with appearances on the CW's Smallville and HBO's Entourage and a mooted -- but sadly scrapped -- CW series all his own. The idea of Aquaman as a teen idol is hard to shake, however, which is what makes the new Aquaman: The Teen Drama so entertaining.

ATTD is a five-episode web series that takes the Justice League member and sticks him in the middle of a Gossip Girl-esque New York City. Written and directed by Patrick Willems and starring Mike Curran, Comfort Clinton and Matt Torpey, the series may play the hero surprisingly straight, but everything else comes right out of the Josh Schwartz playbook. Just think of it as Seth Cohen's favorite thing on the Internet.

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The series will run on Bleeding Cool starting later this month. If there's any justice, it'll make it to The CW next year.