'Archangel' Trailer Teases Latest William Gibson Book (Exclusive)

To build the world of tomorrow, someone is going to have protect the past from the most unlikely invasion imaginable.

The collected edition of IDW's William Gibson's Archangel — the first original comic book project from the iconic writer behind Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive and Pattern Recognition — will soon hit stores. Heat Vision can exclusively debut the trailer for the release from Gibson, who is often credited with popularizing the cyberpunk genre.

The book is adapted from a screenplay co-written by Gibson and Michael St. John Smith, with art by Butch Guice and Tom Palmer. It tells the story of an attempt to rewrite history on behalf of time travelers from an alternate 2016, and those out to stop them. In 1945 Berlin, nobody is what they seem to be — especially those actually from a corrupt, radioactive future.

Archangel originally ran as a five-issue series launching last year; the new hardcover edition marks the first time the story has been collected in one volume. According to Gibson, the story has also been optioned for development as a TV series.

William Gibson's Archangel will be released Oct. 3.