Archie Announces Relaunched 'Dark Circle' Superhero Line

Fox Freak Magnet - P 2014
<p>Fox Freak Magnet - P 2014</p>
New line, to launch in 2015, will lift inspiration from HBO and AMC, according to editor Alex Segura.

Archie Comics is going dark in 2015.

The publisher, which has seen considerable success with its Afterlife with Archie horror series, will relaunch its Red Circle Comics superhero line next year under the new “Dark Circle Comics” banner, headed up by editor (and crime novelist) Alex Segura.

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“There's an audience for creator-driven superhero stories that don't require you to read 10 other titles or a decade's worth of continuity just to get a sense of what's going on,” Segura told USA Today about the new line, saying that the new line will “show fans, retailers and newcomers that this is a fresh start featuring recognizable names and icons with zero baggage. It starts here. You don't need to read anything else.”

Archie has explored uses of its super hero properties in limited ways over the last few years, with a digital New Crusaders series and the recent The Fox mini-series (The collected edition of which is released this month, the cover of which you can see above) being the most high-profile efforts. However, the new Dark Circle line won’t be beholden to any previous stories or takes on the characters, according to Segura.

In a separate release, Segura explained that the new line will be "akin to cable television shows like Boardwalk EmpireTrue Detective and Orange is the New Black [with] unique voices telling stories about flawed characters from a range of genres, including crime, superhero adventure and off-the-wall action," adding that they will "compete with the best Image, DC and Marvel have to offer."

The first releases from the new Dark Circle line will debut early next year.