Archie Gets Freaky With 'The Fox' (Exclusive Video)

Publisher debuts a trailer for next month's superhero revival by Dean Haspiel and Mark Waid.

What happens when the artist behind the comic strip material from HBO's Bored To Death and the writer of Marvel Comics' Daredevil get together to start working for Archie? The answer is the weird, wonderful and self-described freaky revival of pulp hero the Fox, and here's an exclusive trailer to give you an idea what to expect.

The Fox originally appeared in 1940's Blue Ribbon Comics as a straight-ahead pulp hero, but the new revival by Dean Haspiel -- who provided the art for Zach Galifianakis' character in Bored to Death -- and critically-acclaimed writer Mark Waid takes an altogether stranger direction, as photojournalist Paul Patton Jr. puts on a superhero costume to make news to take pictures of, only to become embroiled in something far weirder than he'd initially bargained for when investigating the secret behind a social media mogul.

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The new series is the second in Archie's revived Red Circle Comics imprint, which focuses on the publisher's little-known superhero properties. Despite their relatively low profile, the Red Circle characters -- who, in addition to The Fox, also include The Shield, The Fly and Black Hood -- have a star-studded history, having featured work by such comic greats as Jack Kirby, Alex Toth and Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel over their seventy-plus year existence. The imprint was relaunched last year with the digital series The New Crusaders.

This exclusive trailer for The Fox gives some idea of what to expect from the series, offering up a compelling (and just a little campy) tone in addition to some gorgeous artwork from Haspiel, and guest cover artists Darwyn Cooke and Paul Pope. For the full taste, you'll have to wait until the first issue is released on October 30.