'Archie' Moves Into Gaming with 'Riverdale Rescue' iOS Launch

Gogii Games and Pocket Gems team to bring the long-running teen characters to smartphone gaming.
Archie Comics

The idyllic all-American town of Riverdale -- home to Archie Andrews and his famous "pals and gals," including Jughead, Reggie and Betty and Veronica -- is in need of repair, and you can help. Well, as long as your problem-solving skills are up to it, that is.

The long-running comic book characters are jumping from the printed page to mobile gaming with today's release of Archie Riverdale Rescue, a new iOS game developed by Gogii Games and published by Pocket Gems, which allows the player to control one of five familiar characters and guide them through quests and tasks required to help rebuild their town.

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Jon Goldwater, Publisher and co-CEO of Archie Comic Publications, said that "Pocket Gems and Gogii Games have helped to bring one of longest-running brands in the history of comics to a whole new type of audience with this game,” adding, “we’re very happy with how Archie Riverdale Rescue gives people a unique new way to interact with these classic characters.”

The game, which is free to download, is officially launched today with a Valentine's Day-themed update pack.