Archie's 'Dark Circle' Line Announces First Releases

The publisher names "The Black Hood," "The Shield" and "The Fox" as the 2015 debut series from the newly-established super hero imprint.
Michael Gaydos/Archie Comics

A week after Archie Comics revealed that it would be relaunching its super hero properties in 2015 under the newly-created “Dark Circle Comics” imprint, the publisher has announced details of the first three titles to be published under the banner, including work from crime novelist Duane Swierczynski and Daredevil’s Mark Waid.

Swierczynski will be writing The Black Hood, with art from Michael Gaydos, co-creator of Marvel’s Alias (the basis of upcoming Marvel Studios/Netflix series Jessica Jones), while Waid will script a second series of The Fox with both plot and art once again provided by Dean Haspiel. The third series announced was The Shield, by Adam Christopher, Chuck Wendig and Wilfredo Torres.

STORY Archie Announces Relaunched 'Dark Circle' Superhero Line

Each of the series revives existing properties owned by Archie that have been published by the publisher as well as DC Comics, updated and recreated for contemporary audiences. “Duane and Michael are concocting a gritty, noir crime thriller that presents the Black Hood as the true urban vigilante he was meant to be,” explained Dark Circle editor Alex Segura, going on to describe The Shield as “a true super hero action-adventure that brings to mind the scope and grandeur of some of the best comic books have to offer.”

Archie CEO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that the line will offer “critically-acclaimed comics that bring something new to the table,” adding that “this isn’t about aping DC or Marvel – this is about launching Dark Circle Comics and reinvigorating some of the most classic characters in the business.”

The new series will launch in early 2015.