Arnold Schwarzenegger Pens Touching Letter to Ill 'Terminator' Fan

'Terminator: Genisys'
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"I hope you find real joy and strength in what a wonderful child you've brought into this world and raised," the action star wrote to an ailing father.

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised one family by penning a letter addressed to the ailing father.

Redditor bizzyjay recounted a story of how important the Terminator franchise has been to him and his father. The Puerto Rican father and son have seen all of the films, with Terminator 2: Judgment Day being the first movie they ever saw together in theaters.

In recent months, the 72-year-old father's health has been declining. He had battled mental-health issues for years, but things suddenly took a bad turn, with him hearing voices, becoming irritable and not acting like himself.

The Redditor wrote that his father stopped wanting to watch movies but agreed to see Terminator Genisys in honor of his son's 30th birthday. He wrote that in one particularly touching Schwarzenegger scene, he saw his father smile for the first time in months.

Schwarzenegger showed up to comment on the Reddit post.

"Wow. I'm in Korea on a whirlwind tour but you stopped me in my tracks," wrote Schwarzenegger. "This is so touching. Thank you for sharing. I'd like to say "this is why I do this" but you should know it was you who made your father smile. It was your presence and caring. Happy birthday, you've got a lot of wisdom for 30 years."

He also posted a handwritten note for the father.



The Redditor responded that the note made him cry and that his entire family was thrilled. The father responded with, "thank you! You're a great actor, thank you very much!"

Here's the father and son together at the movie.

Here's the father and son wearing Terminator glasses (with the letter framed).