'Arrival' Full Trailer: Amy Adams Fights for Peace Using Language

The first full trailer for Arrival has dropped, and Amy Adams is front and center as an expert linguist recruited by the military to communicate with aliens who have invaded the world.

The trailer incorporates the teaser released last week with brand-new footage, showing the aliens communicating and interacting with Adams' character Dr. Louise Banks. "They need to see me," says Banks, taking off her space suit and helmet to come forward and place her hand on the glass barrier. An alien's hand appears next to her.

"Now that's a proper introduction," she says.

"We need to make sure that they understand the difference between a weapon and a tool," says Banks as the tension rises and more scenes unfold. "Language is messy and sometimes one can be both."

"How do we clarify their intentions?" asks Forest Whitaker's character. "I go back in," replies Banks.

Arrival was originally named Story of Your Life and will be screened at the Toronto Film Festival. It is based on a short story written by Ted Chiang.