'Arrival' Screenwriter Coming to Comics for Mystery Valiant Project

The 'Secret' project will be revealed Thursday, according to the publisher.
Rafa Sandoval/Valiant Entertainment

Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer is coming to comics.

Valiant Entertainment on Wednesday released a teaser image naming Heisserer, along with artist Raúl Allen and colorist Patricia Martin, as part of a mystery project dated for June. The image was accompanied by the tagline "Tomorrow, the secret is out."

The new comic book isn't the only connection between the Academy Award-nominated Heisserer and Valiant; he also is writing Sony's big-screen adaptations of Bloodshot and Harbinger, announced in 2015.

(For those wondering if that means Heisserer is writing new comic books based on either concept, it's unlikely; both are currently in use, in Bloodshot USA and Harbinger: Renegades, respectively.)

Valiant is keeping details of the new project under wraps — until Thursday, it would appear — but it's worth noting that the original 1990s incarnation of the company published a title called Secret Weapons that was, essentially, the Valiant equivalent of Marvel's Avengers, teaming its marquee characters against a common foe.

That concept has already been done in the current Valiant universe, however, in the Unity series which ran for 26 issues between 2013 through 2015. That series also acts as a reminder that Valiant is fond of reusing titles from its publishing history but not necessarily repeating concepts; the original 1990s Unity wasn't a team, but a time-traveling storyline that threaded through multiple different series for two months.

The teaser image is below.