'Arrival' Screenwriter's 'Secret Weapons' Comic Revealed

Eric Heisserer calls the four-issue comic "one of the most emotional stories I've put to paper."
Raul Allen/Valiant Entertainment

Valiant has announced more information about Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer's comic book debut, as teased Wednesday, and in the process, revealed the publisher's latest Secret Weapons.

The Academy Award-nominated screenwriter will team with artist Raul Allen and colorist Patricia Martin for the four-issue series centering around Amanda McKee, the technopath — meaning she can telepathically communicate with technology — otherwise known as Livewire, as she uncovers an abandoned group of people with seemingly passive superpowers (One girl can talk to birds, another boy can make objects glow) before being drawn into a cat-and-mouse game by a "mechanized killer" out to destroy them all.

Valiant CEO and chief creative officer Dinesh Shamdasani described the series as "the first step in a long-term plan that will be more than well worth the wait," saying, "Livewire is a comics icon in the making. She is beloved by fans and adored by creators … Finding the right stage for her to shine has been a top priority at Valiant for some time now and, with Secret Weapons, Eric and Raul have crafted something truly special. Not only is this a story quite unlike any Valiant has told to date, but Eric and Raul have created a host of new characters unlike any others in comics."

In a statement about the series, Heisserer — who's also writing the movie adaptations of Valiant's Harbinger and Bloodshot for Sony — said, "Of all the writing I've done in the last year, my heart is most in Secret Weapons and its collection of freaks, misfits and outcasts. And I think a story of a woman who's shouldered such great burdens, now trying to rescue some lost souls and form a surrogate family, may be one of the most emotional stories I've put to paper."

Secret Weapons launches June 28, with a first issue available in comic book stores and digitally. Preview art from the issue, courtesy of Valiant, is below: