Final 'Arrival' Trailer Promises Aliens, a Mystery Weapon and Treason

Things are looking a little tricky for human-alien relations.

The final trailer for Arrival has hit, and it shows Amy Adams' linguist character learning the language of our new visitors — and making a startling discovery. The aliens have shown humanity their symbol for weapon, which is more than enough to cause for concern. Add that in with a charge of "treason" for an action Adams' character takes, and things look to be getting quite interesting. 

The film earned strong reviews at Venice, with The Hollywood Reporter's review stating that director Denis Villeneuve's work bodes well for his next project — the second  Blade Runner film. 

"Just what we need in these fractured times — a smart parable about open-mindedness and unification," wrote critic David Rooney. 

Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker also star in the feature.

Arrival hits in theaters on Nov. 11