Fandom 5: 'Tintin' Art Auction, 'Arrow' Teaser Debuts, Obama Sees 'Avengers'

<p>Based on the DC Comics title, this hourlong drama is a modern retelling of the legendary DC Comics character Green Arrow. <strong>Stephen Amell</strong> (<em>The Vampire Diaries</em>, <em>Hung</em>) stars in the title role<em>.</em> The project, which also counts&nbsp;<strong>Paul Blackthorne</strong>,<strong> Jamey Sheridan</strong>, <strong>David Ramsey</strong>,<strong> Colin Donnell</strong>,<strong> Katie Cassidy</strong> and<strong> Willa Holland </strong>among its cast, hails from pilot season heavyweight <strong>Greg Berlanti</strong>.</p>
The week's biggest news in the world of fanboy entertainment

So much to geek out on, so little time...

1. Tintin is a Million Dollar Man (Or Will Be)

The original cover art for 1932's Tintin in America is up for auction. It will likely become the first piece of comic book art to break the $1 million barrier.

This is one of only five surviving ink and oil gouache-style Tintin covers and one of only two in private hands. And the last time this painting sold it went for $973,000 (at today's exchange rate), which is a world record for a piece of original comic art. 

Artcurial, the French house auctioning the drawing, expects it to fetch an even higher price when it goes on the block June 2 in Paris, along with dozens of other original drawings by Tintin artist Herge. (Check out the other Tintin pieces here.)

The record for a piece of original American comic art is only--ha, only!--$448,125 for a full page from Frank Miller's classic 1986 mini-series Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, featuring the dynamic duo in an action pose.

2. Arrow Taking Aim

The CW has unveiled a teaser trailer for Arrow, its fall series based on the DC hero Green Arrow.

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Judging from the preview, it’s definitely no Smallville, that’s for sure. The look is all shadows and kinda Dark Knight-y. And let’s not forget beefcake-y. There's enought rippling muscles and exercise scenes to make me think it’s high time I started doing some crunches while hanging upside down like a bat.

Some fans are noting that while other networks are showing full-on trailers, the CW is only showing teasers, and that makes them worried that maybe the end result isn't up to snuff. But I just talked to a prety good and unbiased source who saw the Arrow pilot and describes it as “very good,” with a Dark Knight feel. Expect to see plenty of this show at Comic-Con in July.

Speaking of fall TV trailers, also looking good are ABC’s Last Resort, which sees Andre Braugher leading an AWOL nuclear sub and starting his own country, and NBC’s Revolution, a pilot directed by Jon Favreau and produced by J.J. Abrams about life 15 years after the Earth loses all electricity and power. (The trailer for Revolution has already been seen over 6.4 million times on YouTube.)

3. Zombie Idea of the Week

A Walking Dead obstacle course? Sign me up.

To celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead comic, series creator Robert Kirkman is overseeing a zombie-themed event that will take over Petco Park in San Diego and run during Comic-Con (July 12-15). The idea is to recreate the early days of the zombie apocalypse that hit the country as seen in the comic book series.

Participants can be “Survivors” who “climb, crawl and slide” to avoid those participants who want to be “Walkers.” Or you can be a spectator. It’s not a race but there is an end-game to the course, according to the organizers.

Hopefully this will be as good in real life as what’s running in my head right now.

4. Superheroes (and I Use that Term Loosely) For Our Times

Chronicle caught many by surprise when it was released in February. The story about three teens who come across super powers was made for about $12 to $15 million, grossed $124 million worldwide and sits at an 85 percent "fresh" rating on movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie showed how much depth there is in the broadly-defined comic-book movie genre and was described as being what Stan Lee would have created if he was writing in the 21st century instead of the 1960s.

Chronicle hit stores on Blu-ray and DVD this week and Heat Vision talked to director Josh Trank, who is enjoying a career boost from it.

The movie looks great on Blu-ray but egregiously comes with almost no extras. It does, however, show the camera test that got the studio to greenlight the project (kinda cool to see how some of those scenes were translated into the movie with different actors and a different budget).

5. Obama Watched The Avengers

Yes, he’s campaigning. Yes, he’s ordering strike drones. Yes, he's playing basketball with Hollywood stars while fundraising. But he’s not losing sight of the important things: like seeing Marvel's The Avengers.

The President admitted he saw the movie while on The View this week.

Seeing as how Obama has already appeared in a Marvel Comic (Amazing Spider-Man #583), can a cameo in Avengers 2 be far behind?

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