Crowdfunded 'Art of Troma' to Look Back at Studio

The Toxic Avenger-Movie Still - P- 2018
Troma Films/Photofest
The Kickstarter campaign runs through Oct. 12.

Continuing its slate of announcements ahead of this week’s New York Comic Con, Dynamite Entertainment has partnered with cult movie studio Troma for a crowdfunding campaign to publish a coffee table retrospective of the studio, titled The Art of Troma.

Written by Fred Van Lente, the 256-page hardcover will be available in two editions: a “standard edition,” with “toxic green” cloth binding and a gold foil stamped cover with a headshot of the Toxic Avenger, Troma’s most famous property, and a “deluxe edition,” which comes in a slipcover and includes an additional 37-page collection of fan art based on the studio’s output, a Toxic Avenger print signed by studio president Lloyd Kaufman and a bookmark made of film from the studio’s movie library.

Additionally, Kickstarter backers will be able to receive a “Toxic Waste edition” of the book — a copy defaced by Troma employees — and the “Troma Fan Club” package, which features the Toxic Waste edition, as well as a t-shirt and “semi-official fan club member certificate” signed by Kaufman. Other rewards available to backers include props from Troma movies and the opportunity to appear in a future Troma production.

In a statement Tuesday, Kaufman raved about the book. “If you know how to read, then The Art of Troma is the best book for your collection. And if you don’t know how to read, you should probably run for office!” he said. “Michael Herz, The Troma Team and I are traumatized with the excellent work Dynamite Entertainment has accomplished with this book and are honored to be a part of the “Troma Experience” on Kickstarter!"

The Kickstarter campaign is set to run through Oct. 12 and aims to raise $4,000.

The Art of Troma was just one of multiple announcements made Tuesday by Dynamite Entertainment. In addition to a revival of Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt, the independent publisher has also revealed plans for a revival of cult character Turok by Ron Mark and Robert Castro and a crossover series teaming Barbarella and John Carter of Mars’ Dejah Thoris.