Artist Jamie Shovlin to Make 'Documentary' About Made-Up 1970s Exploitation Film

The genre-bending film "Rough Cut" will be based on an imagined movie by fictitious Italian director Jesus Rinzoli called "Hiker Meat."

LONDON – Artist Jamie Shovlin is to direct a documentary, Rough Cut, about a made-up 1970s exploitation film called Hiker Meat.

Produced and distributed by Cornerhouse Artist Film, the doc will create key sections from an imagined film by fictitious Italian director Jesus Rinzoli. While Hiker Meat as a complete feature is fated to remain unrealized, key sections will be re-created.

The documentary was writtten by Mike Harte, a fellow artist and writer.

Shovlin plans to use the scenes to contrast with on-set footage and details of the development of the soundtrack, storyboards, design and models to form a feature-length doc that the artist turned filmmaker describes as a "metamentary."

"We’ve adopted the exploitation genre’s collaborative approach to make our own feature, with the knowledge that we can't possibly re-make a film like Hiker Meat -- and don’t actually want to," Shovlin said. "Instead we’ve investigated where else we can go with it and stripped back the making, unmaking and remaking of both the film and the idea, as a kind of ode to the power of imagination."

Shovlin is best known for Naomi V. Jelish (2001-2004), Lustfaust: A Folk Anthology 1976-81 (2003-2006) and Hiker Meat (2009-present), in which he constructed extensive and seemingly real archives which were then revealed to be elaborate fictions.

Harte has participated in gallery exhibitions in the U.K. and internationally in addition to writing and editing screenplays for film and television. Recent credits include Hiker Meat (2009-present), Larry and Me (2008), Street Justice (2007) and The First Time (2003). 

Cornerhouse Artist Film  was set up in 2011 to investigate fresh methods of production, distribution and exhibition for artist feature films and exploiting digital technology.

The first two movie releases, which were also co-commissioned by Cornerhouse Artist Film, were Gillian Wearing’s Self Made (2011) and Andrew Kotting’s Swandown (2012).

A co-commission with the Toronto International Film Festival, Rough Cut will debut as a gallery installation at MOCCA: Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Sept. 2013 as part of a group exhibition curated in response to auteur director David Cronenberg (Crash).