Artist Turns Donald Trump Into Classic Comic Book Villains

R. Sikoryak - The Unquotable Trump - Publicity-P 2017
Courtesy of R. Sikoryak
The Unquotable Trump has a lot to say.

Donald Trump can now see himself become the villain.

New York artist R. Sikoryak has been drawing inspiration from some of Trump's most head-turning quotes and placing the president-elect (and his words) into classic comic book covers. 

For SikoryakThe Unquotable Trump is a way for him to process Trump's unexpected ascension to the White House as well as the controversial things he says. It's in a spirit similar to Mark Hamill's The Trumpster in which Hamill records himself reading Trump's tweets as The Joker. But Sikoryak, who conceived the project a few days before November's election, only uses words Trump has spoken.

"The tweets in some ways would make perfect sense for comics because they are so compact. For me, I was more interested in what he says in front of people," says Sikoryak.

In one cover, inspired by H.G. Peter, Wonder Woman pummels Trump as he says "such a nasty woman," something the president-elect said of Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate.

Here's the original quote.

"It's stuff that he's said and that he stands behind. I don't feel like I've taken anything that he's disavowed," says Sikoryak.

In another cover, Trump brags to Batman and Robin that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose votes. (He said it at a campaign rally in Iowa.)

After Jerry Robinson

Sikoryak has no immediate plans to do a piece based on Friday's inauguration ("I assume he'll be very behaved," he says), but you never know. He initially thought he'd do 15 covers in all but now has plans to expand that. On Thursday, he'll also be trying out something new, releasing a comic strip in which Trump doesn't speak.

The full collection of the Unquotable Trump can be found hereSikoryak will be releasing the buzzed-about iTunes Terms and Conditions: The Graphic Novel on March 7.  

After John Romita.