'Attack the Block' Gets Blu-ray/DVD Date

The London-set alien-invasion movie, directed by Joe Cornish, will come with five featurettes and also filmmaker and cast commentaries.
Screen Gems

Attack the Block, the best movie of the year no one went to see, will hit stores on Blu-ray and DVD October 25.

REVIEW: Attack the Block

Block is an alien-invasion movie set in London’s inner city tenements and focuses on a group of thugs who come across an extraterrestrial monster, kill it, then have to deal with more of beings who come looking for their mate.

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It's one of those rare movie that actually manages to capture the heart of an Amblin movie, but does so with a modern sensibility and with a British (or Londoners) point of view. It was directed by Joe Cornish,  who co-wrote the upcoming Tintin movie with Edgar Wright. Wright, the geek idol behind Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs the World, godfathered the film.

STORY: 'Attack the Block' Takes Fantasia Audience Award

Despite winning the audience award for Midnighters at 2011 SXSW, the movie never found an audience when it was released by Screen Gems, who gave the movie a very limited release and threw almost no money for P&A. (The movie made under a million in the U.S.)

Hopefully the movie finds an audience on Blu-ray and DVD. If anything, it at least established Cornish as a director to watch and proved a breakout vehicle for young actor John Boyega.

When it hits shelves, the movie will come with five featurettes – under the monikers “Behind the Block,” “Creature Feature,” “Meet the Gang,” “Unfilmed Action,” and “That’s a Rap.” There’s also three filmmaker and cast commentaries, with Cornish leading one with his young cast, a second he conducts with the adult actors, and a third one he does with Wright.

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