'Avatar' Sequel Comic in the Works for 2021

Avatar The Next Shadow announcement
Gui Balbi/Dark Horse Comics
Dark Horse's four-issue 'The Next Shadow' will be the first official continuation of James Cameron's 2009 movie.

Fans waiting for the next installment of James Cameron’s Avatar will be able to return to Pandora earlier than expected, with Dark Horse Comics announcing Avatar: The Next Shadow, a four-issue comic book series set after the 2009 movie and continuing Jake Sully’s story.

The Next Shadow takes place in the immediate aftermath of the original movie, as Sully struggles to keep the Omaticaya clan together in the wake of his arrival — and deal with a plot to take him out of the Na’vi entirely. It is written by Jeremy Barlow (AVP: Thicker Than Blood, Star Wars: Darth Maul — Son of Dathomir) with art from Josh Hood (We Can Never Go Home), with covers from Gui Balbi (Alien: The Original Screenplay).

The Next Shadow will be Dark Horse’s third Avatar project, following a 2017 release Avatar: Brothers, and 2019’s mini-series Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path. However, and notably, The Next Shadow will be the publisher’s first Avatar project set after the events of the first movie — and, as such, the first official Avatar narrative to carry the story beyond the events of Cameron’s 2009 original.

The as-yet officially untitled Avatar 2, the first in a series of cinematic sequels, is currently in post-production with a release date of December 2022.

Avatar: The Next Shadow will debut in comic book stores and digitally Jan. 6, 2021.