What the 'Avenger: Infinity War' Trailer Needs

Infinity War Poster - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Marvel/Ryan Meinerding
The long wait is almost over for the first look at Marvel's next team-up.

The first glimpse at Marvel Studios' biggest movie yet is nearly here. The Avengers: Infinity War trailer is dropping sometime on Wednesday, and pre-pandemonium has already ensued. Spider-Man actor Tom Holland caused a stir with a creative way to reveal the film's new poster, while a retrospective video showing fans reacting to old trailers is closing in on 500,000 views on YouTube in a matter of hours.

To keep that anticipation going, the team at Heat Vision is looking ahead to Wednesday's debut and what to expect.

Graeme McMillan: Judging by previous Marvel teasers, I should presumably expect slowed-down Disney cartoon songs, lots of explosions and probably an appearance by Thanos and the first glimpse of his minions in action and at least one quip from either Spider-Man or a Guardian of the Galaxy. But shouldn't we expect more than just Generic Marvel Teaser Trailer #20 for a movie that's such a big deal?

Aaron Couch: Excuse me while I compose myself after you highlighted the incredible first teaser for Civil War while asking, "Shouldn't we expect more?" What more could you want? I'm a little bit at an advantage here, because I saw the footage shown at D23 and Comic-Con, and I think it was the best Marvel has ever put out. And that was four months ago, so there's been time to refine things even more. Looking at teasers released over the past 12 months, I don't think Guardians 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming or Black Panther had much in common, so I also have to fight back on you characterizing things as "Generic Marvel Teaser."

Ryan Parker: I am freaking out. To see all these characters onscreen altogether for the first time is going to be mind-blowing, just as it was when I saw the first Avengers trailer. I had such a nerdgasm, I could barely comprehend what I was seeing. I am positive when I see the Guardians of the Galaxy working with our other Marvel heroes, I will have to pick my jaw up off my desk. 

McMillan: As much as I want to be snarky about the "we're doing it all for the fans" positioning of the trailer tease, there's a lot of me that's worried that the actual trailer will lean into the fan service of it all a little too much, and just feature brief appearances of every familiar face in the movie against some generic Thanos threat in voiceover, instead of something that hangs together as a trailer in and of itself instead of a series of "And also featuring!" opening-title slides. Or, worse: That that is enough for fans to lose their minds over.

Couch: There should be a lot of familiar faces. One thing the D23 footage did so well was give a lot of these folks a few moments to shine. Spider-Man's arm-hair rising (Spider-sense?), Captain America showing up with a beard, Iron Man fighting Thanos as the guy pulls a moon down from the heavens. Graeme, if you aren't impressed tomorrow, I'm seriously going to question your ability to feel film-inspired joy.

Parker: I am slightly worried they are going to give away too much too fast. No matter the plot, the visuals of this first trailer are going to be historical for us nerds. Yeah, that's right. I said it. And, in this case, less is more for me. I just want a taste, just like Disney has done for The Last Jedi

Couch: Nah, don't worry. There's going to be so much great stuff they hold back that even if it appears they are blowing everything at once, they won't be. Remember the first Avengers? I could be wrong, but I remember feeling the Battle of New York was barely teased in the trailers, so I was surprised and satisfied with how big in scope it turned out to be.

McMillan: I'm with Ryan; I feel like the Star Wars trailers have become my go-to for how to do teasers properly, and a lot of that has been — for me, at least — their restraint. Think about what we've not seen in the trailers for The Last Jedi, yet each one works really well. I'd like to see the Infinity War trailer follow that lead: Do something relatively sparse that's as much about evoking a mood than getting everyone psyched up. Have I just been spoiled by Star Wars?

Couch: The saying used to be that Marvel movies starring Iron Man are the ones that can crack $1 billion. I'd argue another saying should be that the trailers starring Captain America are the ones that set the internet ablaze. Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron and Civil War's first trailers all sent people into a frenzy in ways that even well-loved movies like Spider-Man: Homecoming's first look didn't. Now, a trailer with Captain America and Star-Lord? How can it lose? 

Parker: It can't. It won't. There is no scenario in which fans are not losing their (expletive) by this time tomorrow.