'Avengers 2' Set Visit Contest Passes $100,000

Mark Ruffalo
<p>Ruffalo: &ldquo;I said to Ryan [<strong>Murphy</strong>, who directs], &lsquo;Aren&rsquo;t we at the age when a gay actor should be playing this?&rsquo; He made it clear to me that attitude wasn&rsquo;t in the spirit of the film.&rdquo;</p>   |   Austin Hargrave
"Age of Ultron" star Mark Ruffalo is raising money for charity by giving fans a chance to visit the London set.

How much is a visit to the secretive set of Avengers: Age of Ultron worth? As of Tuesday, $100,000 and counting.

Mark Ruffalo's Prizeo campaign has passed the $100,000 mark, with donors chipping in for a chance to spend the day with the Hulk himself on Age of Ultron's London set.

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We're guessing the contest, which benefits the nonprofit Water Defense, got an extra boost when Ruffalo tweeted a photo of himself on the set with director Joss Whedon.

Prizeo says Ruffalo's team had to seek permission from Marvel Studios and Disney to clear a day for the visit, which will take place in mid-July. Though the contest is lasting just days, Prizeo and Ruffalo's camp had been discussing it for months.

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"We've never done a campaign so short before. But how can we say no to someone so passionate?" Prizeo head of promotion Candace Cheong tells The Hollywood Reporter. "He's also one of the nicest people in the universe. I'm sure he'll show the winner a really good time."

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Age of Ultron hits theaters May 1, 2015.