'Avengers: Age of Ultron': 5 Possible Vacation Spots for the Hulk

Where could Bruce Banner's alter ego go to relax? Here are some unexpected suggestions
Courtesy of Marvel Studios
Where could Bruce Banner's alter ego go to relax? Here are some unexpected suggestions

Midway through Avengers: Age of Ultron, Bruce Banner asks where in the world the Hulk would not be a danger to others — before (Spoilers!) disappearing at the end of the movie. The Avengers are left wondering where in the world he could be — but what if he was somewhere not in the world? Here are five options for potential unexpected getaways for Marvel's big green machine.


Likely the most anticipated off-world destination for the Hulk would be Sakaar, the alien planet he crash-landed on and went on to all-but-conquer in the 2006-2007 comic book storyline "Planet Hulk." A planet in a distant gallery that's home to a number of aliens ruled by the despotic Red King, Sakaar might look inhospitable to most but that just means that the Hulk has more room to smash without fear. Bruce Banner might not find it too much fun, however. (Sorry, Mark Ruffalo.)


Created originally by Harlan Ellison for a 1971 issue of The Incredible Hulk comic book series, K'ai is a planet that actually exists on Earth — technically. It's part of the "Microverse," a universe that exists on an atomic scale accessible through being shrunk down, Ant-Man-style. A mixture of primitive technology and magic, K'ai was the home of Jarella, an alien princess who eventually won the heart of the Hulk before an untimely death. Don't feel too sad, however; she got better later, even if she and her jade giant beau could never quite make it work again afterwards.

The Crossroads

A nexus of alternate dimensions, the Hulk ended up at the Crossroads — which never managed to get a more permanent name, despite being the Hulk's home base for more than a year starting with 1984's The Incredible Hulk No. 300 — as the result of being exiled by Doctor Strange, who was convinced that Banner's alter ego was too dangerous to stay on Earth any longer. His new home allowed him the chance to travel, admittedly, but it didn't really allow for much relaxation given the number of different realties it intersected with. He eventually found his way back to Earth by accident, thanks to the intervention of Canadian super team Alpha Flight.


If Marvel Studios wanted to take the "where in the world" tease literally, it could be revealed that the Hulk had found his way to Subterranea: a society of underground cave dwellers living inside the Earth's crust that has a long history in Marvel's comics, dating all the way back to the first issue of Fantastic Four in 1961. Amongst the many denizens of Subterranea are the Mole Man and his Outsiders, the Lava Men, the Lizard Men and Tyrannus, an exiled scientist from the Roman Empire who has discovered the fountain of youth. Suddenly, a giant green guy who likes to save the world every couple of years doesn't seem like so much of a monster, does he…?


We are, it turns out, not alone — at least, not in Marvel's comic book universe. Indeed, we're not even the only Earthlings in this very universe, thanks to the presence of "Counter-Earth," an identical, artificial Earth orbiting the sun on the other side from us, and created by a character called the High Evolutionary using the same Infinity Gems that have become such a passion for Thanos in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The Hulk has visited the planet before in a three-part storyline from 1974 that ran through Incredible Hulk Nos. 176-178.

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