Disney's Club Penguin Site Hits Record Traffic with Avengers Event (Exclusive)

The site, which has doubled its traffic since the start of this year, hit its highest trafficked day of 2012 with the Marvel-themed event.

Club Penguin, Disney’s multiplayer online role-playing game using penguin avatars, is enjoying trickle down success from the popularity of The Avengers, released in May by Walt Disney Studios and made by sibling division Marvel.

The site, already popular due to its focus on being a safe online environment for children, is experiencing record traffic with its Avengers-themed Marvel Super Hero Takeover event, which runs June 14 to July 3.

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According to Disney Interactive, twenty million play sessions across more than 200 countries have been logged since the launch, and the event has been a key driver in helping double the site's number of daily players since the start of the year. The event has already led to the highest-trafficked day of the year.

Since 2005, 175 million users accounts have been created on Club Penguin

The event allows players to dress as one of 14 of their favorite Marvel hero and villain. Thus far, Iron Man has been the most popular costume with players, while the Captain America's shield has been the most popular item that kids have bought using their virtual coin.  

The Avengers movie, which opened on May 4, has grossed over $606.2 million domestically and $1.4 billion worldwide.