'Avengers: Endgame' Invades 'Fortnite'

Thanos has returned to the popular Battle Royale shooter.

This is one epic assembly.

Two of the biggest brands in the world collided on Thursday as the Avengers and Fortnite revealed a crossover event, bringing the Marvel heroes into the Battle Royale video game. To coincide with the release of the latest film, Avengers: Endgame, Thanos and his swarms of Chitauri warriors are invading the online game.

Players will work to stop the purple villain — or protect him, depending on which side of the fray they're on — from gathering all six Infinity Stones with the aid of in-game equipment used by heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America's shield, Thor's Stormbreaker ax and Black Widow's batons are all items gamers can look forward to using in their fight against Thanos. Players also start with a treasure map that will lead them to a "Mythic Avengers item."

Matches begin with the "Hero" team facing off against Thanos and his Chitauri fighters. As more Infinity Stones are gathered, the Mad Titan and his followers grow more powerful. If all six stones are found, players cannot respawn once killed.

Each individual Infinity Stone corresponds to different upgrades for Thanos' team: The red Reality Stone doubles their shield and health; the orange Soul Stone grants Thanos a shield; the yellow Mind Stone doubles jump height; the blue Space Stone triples the area of Thanos' "Ground Pound" ability and increases its damage sixfold; the green Time Stone increases damage and knockback of attacks; and the purple Power Stone increases laser damage six times over.

Last year, Marvel similarly brought the villainous Thanos to Fortnite for a limited time where players could search the map for the six Infinity Stones to transform themselves into the Mad Titan during a match.