'Avengers' Gag Reel Features a Giggling Captain America and Goofy Loki (Video)

The Avengers Cast Photo - H 2012
<p>The Avengers Cast Photo - H 2012</p>
Outtakes from the superhero blockbuster shows a lighter side to what was already a fun-loving movie.

Had the Chitauri seen this side of the Avengers, they may not have had too much trouble conquering the earth. Then again, their ally, Loki, is clearly capable of being a pretty big screwball himself.

With the DVD/Blu ray release of the box office-busting Avengers approaching, Marvel has started to release special features available on the discs. Here we have a gag reel of all sorts of slipups on set, including Chris Evans' Captain America falling from trees and struggling with parachutes; Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson just unable to die; Colbie Smulders' Maria Hill unable to properly react to Coulson's death; and Mark Ruffalo looking a lot more like a guy in a weird suit than a monstrous green Hulk.

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Aside from the laughs, one of the consequences of this video is the loss of illusion of grandeur a viewer has while watching the film. Suddenly, we're shown green screens where vast skies should be, sound stages instead of amazing flying vehicles, and spandex instead of gleaming armor.

Then again, it does help illustrate just how impressive film CGI has become.

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