'Avengers: Infinity War' Beating 'Black Panther' to Set New Presales Record

The mega-superhero mashup is selling twice as many tickets on Fandango as blockbuster 'Black Panther' — not to mention the last seven Marvel Cinematic Universe titles combined.

The box-office reach of Disney's and Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is looking infinite.

That is, if advance ticket sales on Fandango are any indication, along with prerelease tracking.

With roughly two weeks to go before the movie's opening, online ticketing service Fandango reports that Infinity War is on course to presell more tickets than any other superhero title in history, supplanting fellow Marvel blockbuster Black Panther.

Fandango says sales for Infinity War are outpacing those for Black Panther by more than two-to-one during the same point in time — not to mention coming in ahead of the last seven titles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined (those seven are Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War and Ant-Man.

Further, Infinity War has already surpassed Furious 7 to become Fandango's top all-time April preseller, a milestone the Avengers threequel actually achieved on March 27.

The ticketing service says it has never seen these sorts of numbers. "Infinity War has built up such unprecedented anticipation that it’s pacing to break records, the likes of which we have never seen before for a superhero movie,” says Fandango's Erik Davis.

Separately, Hollywood's tracking services — the chief barometer of how big a film will open, versus advance ticket sales — show Infinity War launching to north of $200 million in North America.

Just how much north is the big question, although many are betting it will secure the top launch for a superhero pic, besting the first Avengers. Only five films have crossed $200 million domestically in their first three-days, not adjusting for inflation — Black Panther ($202 million), The Avengers ($207.4 million), Jurassic World ($208.8 million), Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($220 million) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($248 million).

Directed by the Russo brothers, Infinity War reunites the Avengers gang and friends, including Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), as they join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew to stop the evil intergalactic despot Thanos (Josh Brolin).

Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther has grossed north of $670 million to date in North America to become the No. 1 superhero pic of all time, not accounting for inflation, and more than $1.3 billion worldwide.

Avengers: Infinity War unfurls in North American theaters April 27, timed to its international assault.