MIT's Great Dome Transformed Into Captain America’s Shield by Pranksters

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (November 2012) - Getty-H 2019
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Actor Chris Evans is aware of the prank and he approves.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Great Dome was transformed into Captain America’s shield over the weekend by a group pranksters in celebration of Avengers: Endgame.

One of the jokesters (likely students) behind the change told The Boston Globe that the group of “hackers" worked on the project for months and were just waiting for Endgame to be released. This is not the first time the dome has been used for a prank. 

News of the superhero change made its way to Captain America himself, Chris Evans, who responded to the story on Monday. 

"Very cool!" the actor and Boston native said via Twitter. 

Endgame opened over the weekend and destroyed a number of box office records, including having the biggest opening weekend of any film in history both domestically and globally.

Endgame opened to a record-shattering $1.2 billion globally, including an unheard-of $350 million in North America and $859 million overseas. The international tally includes an all-time high of $330.5 million in China.

The Disney/Marvel picture now has its sights set on becoming the all-time record holder, topping 2009's Avatar.

Check out the transformation below: