'Avengers': Robert Downey, Jr., New Footage Wow D23 Expo

Audiences at the Disney event got a first look at the superhero movie.
Robert Downey, Jr. at Saturday's D23 Expo.
Audiences at the Disney event got a first look at the superhero movie.

Marvel and Disney brought out cast members from The Avengers at the D23 expo on Saturday, impressing the 2500 gathered fans with a first look at the all-star superhero movie. 

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Tom Hiddleston, Colbie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johannsson, Chris Hemsworth and-- lastly and to a standing ovation-- Robert Downey Jr., came out on stage at the Anaheim Convention Center's arena. 

There wasn't much time for talking or a Comic-Con-style Q&A but Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige did show a scene from the movie, which is two weeks away from wrapping up principal photography. 

(Feige revealed his Disney nerd cred by telling the crowd he had legendary Disney songwriter Richard Sherman write a song for Iron Man 2 and Alan Menken composed a song for Captain America.)

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The scene revealed Hiddleston as Loki, squaring off in a high-security cell with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury character, over the nature of Loki's search for a power source. The scene ends with cutaways to various heroes monitoring the conversation. 

The scene was then followed by a series of action shots highlighting the heroes and finished with a contentious conversation bewteen Loki and Tony Stark (Downey), with Loki declaring he has an army ready to fight. 

"I have a Hulk!" Stark shoots back. The crowd loved it.