'The Avengers' Trailer: Fans, Industry React (Video)

The first full look at the Joss Whedon-directed superhero epic makes (most) fans drop their jaws in awe.
The first full look at the Joss Whedon-directed superhero epic makes (most) fans drop their jaws in awe.

After years of build-up, Marvel's Avengers movie is finally revealing itself. The first official trailer hit the Internet on Tuesday and immediately fanboys (and girls) began opining on what the Joss Whedon-directed movie is getting right and wrong.

While there's always room to nitpick something with such a longtime devoted fanbase as The Avengers, the general consensus seems to be that Marvel, Disney and Paramount may have a hit on their hands.

A few observations from the fans:

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof

"I really loved the Comedy Central Roast of THE AVENGERS, hosted by Tony Stark."

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Slate political reporter Dave Weigel

"Just told my 14-year-old self that there's an Avengers trailer with a Nine Inch Nails soundtrack. He's psyched."

New York City tweeter, ambilevous

"so glad to see that hollywood has gone back to what it does best: storytelling"

Mat Nastos, author of Comic Book Marketing 101

"That Avengers trailer looked pretty darn good. Excited to see it next year."

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British comic book fan Joseph Byrne

"The Avengers trailer. Holy god it is just how I wanted it to be - awesome. Too much Stark in the trailer IMO. Where is Maria Hill?!"

Ogden, Utah social media expert Matthew Piper

"It's over, Avengers. I barely wanted to see you and now your glossy trailer has frozen my computer. Don't call, don't write, we're through."

Movies You May Have Missed tweeter

"So how are people feeling about the Avengers trailer? I'm finding it near impossible to be my usual cynical, douchey self about it..."

VIDEO: 'The Avengers' Trailer Hits the Web

Self-professed geek vicar Peter Organ

"Joining in the general impressed vibe when it comes to the Avengers trailer (though still not convinced by the Hulk's look)"

Marvel artist Scott Johnson

"I'm supposed to be working, but instead I'm pretty much just watching new the Avengers trailer over and over all day."

Oklahoma City Iron Man fan Justin Seeley

"The new Avengers trailer is sick! Can't wait for this movie… Robert Downey Jr. will make the film IMO. #ironmanfanboy"

Movie reviewer Alicia Malone

"Doesn't surprise me that RDJ gets the lion's share of dialogue in this "Avengers" trailer..."

Longtime Oregon comic book fan Andrenn Jones

"Yeah, that Avengers trailer is pretty good. Needs more Vision but I'll accept it for now, Marvel."

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