'The Avengers': New Trailer Reveals Bigger Battles, More Hulk (Video)

'The Avengers' Trailer
The latest clip from the Joss Whedon-helmed superhero epic provides a better sketch of the world-threatening events and plenty of shots of Mark Ruffalo as the new Hulk.

When Marvel and Disney released a teaser trailer for The Avengers, it was downloaded 10 million times in the first 24 hours on iTunes, setting a record as the most-viewed trailer. (The record was then shattered by The Dark Knight Rises teaser.)

Now as Marvel and Disney begin the real push for the comic book movie that kicks off the blockbuster season when it opens May 4, the companies have released the first full-on trailer.

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There was some fan backlash around the Super Bowl spot for being too short, for making fans go online to see more, and for not showing enough.

But “Wow” is one way to describe the new trailer.

Borrowing techniques from trailers for Inception and Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it right away sets up a world-threatening event, set up ominous pulsating music, and gives us a sketch of our heroes, not all of whom are eager to be heroes.

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There are classic comic book moments of our heroes – Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) -- fighting each other and a great moment of the human population bowing (to Loki? Not clear at this point.)

The trailer also offers us plenty of shots of the Hulk and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, something that had only been hinted at and soothing fans who were nervous of how the third incarnation of the jade giant in a decade would come off.

New record anyone?