'Avengers' Trailers, Clips, and Scenes: All of Marvel's Pre-Release Footage (Video)

The Avengers Robert Downy Jr. Mark Ruffalo - H 2012
<p>The Avengers Robert Downy Jr. Mark Ruffalo - H 2012</p>   |   Marvel
With the superhero epic hitting theaters on Friday, watch all of the film's unique preview spots in one place.

The Avengers' assembling and descending on American cineplexes marks the culmination of a half-decade's planning and a yearlong marketing and hype campaign. Given the iconic status of the Marvel Comics' super group since its first adventure in 1963, and the successful films that have led up to Joss Whedon's landmark movie, it was always going to be highly anticipated, but the expert, elongated roll out masterminded by Marvel and Disney only helped to stoke the flames of fan excitement.

Since they first appeared together at Comic-Con 2010, the stars of the film have gone on a world tour of TV talk shows, fan conventions, premieres and junkets. But Marvel and Disney have also been releasing clips and trailers from the film non-stop, teasing all the action and excitement in tiny increments, ready to be broken down frame-by-frame by the most ardent of fans and casually viewed on YouTube by the target mass audience.

If you're on the fence about whether to see the movie (most Americans, it seems, will be in theaters sometime this weekend), or just need a refresher on all the wise-cracking, muscle-bound action, here is a conveniently packaged digest of all the film's unique trailers, featurettes and clips. You can also check out our guide to the comics if you're looking to extend your Avengers knowledge past the movie.

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