'Baby Driver' Director Edgar Wright Explains Where Baby Got All Those Sunglasses

"I still use my iPod classic," the filmmaker of the action thriller admitted during an interview with THR.

The protagonist of Baby Driver is good at a lot of things: driving fast, curating iTunes playlists ... and always being ready to whip out a new pair of sunglasses. So what's to credit for his great eyewear fashion sense?

"If he has been stealing cars since he was 12, the main thing he would have inherited from these stolen cars are people's sunglasses and iPods," so says the director of Baby Driver, Edgar Wright.

"I still use my iPod classic," the director says with a laugh while stopping by The Hollywood Reporter offices for a candid discussion about his latest release, which stars Ansel Elgort as a getaway driver who is working to get out of organized crime, in the hopes of one day hitting the road with his waitress girlfriend.

Baby Driver, which hit theaters over the Fourth of July holiday weekend and grossed an impressive $30 million at the domestic box office, has benefited from word-of-mouth buzz that began long before it scored a 97 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, when the movie premiered to overwhelming positive reviews back in March at SXSW. Baby Driver has since garnered co-signs from the likes of Guillermo del Toro and William Friedkin, Jon Favreau and Stephen King.

"Not to say that [directors] understand it better than the audience, but they have done similar things and can see how complicated and ambitious it is," says Wright of the responses from filmmakers. One that particularly stood out was a shout-out from French Connection director Friedkin: "As far as I'm concerned he probably directed the greatest car chase of all time."

Wright also talked about how personal experience influenced his onscreen love story, filming in Atlanta and why he would be open to a sequel. 

Watch the full conversation in the player above.