'Baby Driver' Release Date Moves Up 6 Weeks to June

Edgar Wright's film will now open in the heart of summer movie season.

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is zooming into theaters a little earlier than expected.

The film is moving to June 28, up from Aug. 11, Sony announced at CinemaCon Monday, where it also showed theater owners the first six minutes of the film.

The MRC and TriStar Pictures film stars Ansel Elgort as Baby, a getaway driver who gets entangled with a crime boss played by Kevin Spacey. Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx also stars.

Wright, Elgort and Hamm took the stage during the Las Vegas convention to talk about making the action-film. Wright described it as “a car movie fueled by music."

“This movie is really unique and really cool because it has such an amazing soundtrack, but the soundtrack makes sense,” said Elgort, who says his character developed a condition where he always hears a ringing and uses music to drown it out.

“All the music was in the script, and he wrote the script around the music. Whenever we were filming, I always had the earbuds in and was listening to the music,” said Elgort.

“I now know that car chases are as arduous to shoot as they are fun to watch,” said Wright of the action sequences.

Baby Driver debuted to strong reviews at South by Southwest.