Baby Yoda Toys Likely Delayed Due to Coronavirus

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<p>Favreau urged Disney to delay the release of Baby Yoda merchandise. &quot;What we got in exchange was an excitement surrounding the character,&quot; he says.</p>   |   Courtesy of Disney+
The merchandise was set to start arriving in stores this spring.

Fans clamoring for toys of The Child, aka Baby Yoda from the popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian, will likely have to wait even longer now. Hasbro admitted in a SEC filing released Thursday it was experiencing coronavirus-related production difficulties in China. 

"The occurrence of these types of events can result, and in the case of the coronavirus has resulted in, disruptions and damage to our business, caused by both the negative impact to our ability to design, develop, manufacture and ship product (the supply side impact) and the negative impact on consumer purchasing behavior (the demand side impact)," the filing states. 

Julie Duffy, spokeswoman for Hasbro, told The Hollywood Reporter that the company would not comment on production status of specific brands or products, including Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda toys were set to arrive in stores this spring; some pre-orders were setting records.

Toys for the character that seemed to take the world by storm last fall were not available because Disney did not want to the reveal of Baby Yoda to be spoiled by toy catalogs ahead of The Mandalorian's debut.

Fans were so ravenous for toys that some began to make their own. Bootleg merchandise also flooded the market.