'Back to the Future IV' Fan Trailer Is Outta This World Good

The video already has nearly one million views.
Universal Pictures/Photofest
'Back to the Future'

Talk about a blast from the past, or is it the future? 

A recent fan-made trailer for Back to the Future: Part IV is starting to gain some traction on YouTube and there is a good reason why: It's really well put together, hitting the sweet nostalgia spot just right. 

The trailer borrows from a number of other works featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as their iconic time-traveling characters, including Garbarino and Lego Dimensions commercials. 

The video, posted last week by Smasher, already has nearly one million views. 

There have been other fan trailers cut using the same source material, but this one is just the right length at about two minutes and it has just the right feel for what a possible (but really not likely) sequel could be: really slick.