'Back to the Future' Star's Unique Postcard Recalls On-Set Stories

Back to the Future - 25th Reunion
Diane Bondareff
Tom Wilson's long note tells of his time making the iconic trilogy as well as his more recent exploits.

If you ever run into Tom Wilson and excitedly start brainstorming up questions about the time travel trilogy Back to the Future, in which he played main antagonist Biff Tannen, save your breath. He's already anticipated your questions -- and conveniently written out his responses.

Wilson, who must have tired of answering the same questions for the past two and a half decades, now has an FAQ-type card that answers some common inquiries. First posted over at Letters of Note, Wilson's cheat sheet offers such gems as:

"Michael J. Fox is nice. I'm not in close contact with him. Christopher Lloyd is nice. He is a very shy man. Crispin Glover is unusual, but not as unusual as he sometimes presents himself. We got along nicely. Lea Thompson is nice."

"The hoverboards didn't really fly, we were hanging by wires from a cane. The manure was made from peat moss, cork, dirt and a food agent that made it sticky. The DeLorean was an inferior automobile and nearly impossible for a person of normal size like myself to enter and exit."

"Nobody had any idea that the movies would become a cultural touchstone, but the themes of friendship and adventure moved the audience so powerfully that I felt the need to create this postcard as a time-saver."

Now, as Wilson notes, he is a musician and stand-up comedian and has performed on The Tonight Show, with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno -- but not at the same time. Read the whole postcard at Letters of Note's Twitter page.