'Backtrack' Takes Readers on a Car Race Through Time

Backtrack - Publicity - H 2019
Joe Elphick/Oni Press
The Oni Press comic book series is set to launch in February.

Who could turn down the chance to rewrite history? Certainly not former getaway driver Alyson Levy, who believes a cross-country car race holds the key to fixing the mistake that ruined her life. But as Oni Press’ upcoming series Backtrack reveals, the reality is far more complicated than she believes.

The problem for Levy, the protagonist of the new series by Brian Joines (Secret Identities, Imagine Agents) and Jake Elphick (NXT Takeover, SuperMansion), is that the race isn’t just cross-country — it’s across time, with competitors having to contend with dinosaurs, barbarian hordes and the unknown of the far future, in addition to fellow drivers.

"After idling on the starting line for a while, I'm so excited to finally have the green light to unleash Backtrack on the public,” says writer Joines. “I can't wait for people to get behind the wheel of our tale of retro-racers on a quest for redemption."

Elphick, whose career includes work for Titan Comics and BOOM! Studios, added, “I’ve been excited about Backtrack from the very first second it landed in my inbox. I began to learn more about it and within an hour, I knew that this was a book I just had to have my name on."

The series is set to launch in February.