'Barbarella' to Return as Comic Book, Thanks to Dynamite Entertainment

<p> <strong>Jane Fonda</strong> donned go-go boots for 1968&rsquo;s <em>Barbarella</em></p>   |   Everett Collection
The 2017 series will be the first time the iconic sci-fi character will feature in an American-created comic book series.

It's taken too long, but a genuine 1960s sci-fi icon is about to return, with Dynamite Entertainment announcing Tuesday that 2017 will see the much-awaited return of Barbarella in her first American comic book series ever.

The character, most known in the U.S. for the 1968 Roger Vadim movie adaptation starring Jane Fonda as the eponymous space heroine, was created by Jean-Claude Forest for French series V Magazine in 1962, with later material showing up in the pages of comic anthology Heavy Metal.

The new series will be supervised by Jean-Marc Lofficier, who had previously worked with Forest on a Barbarella-related project in the 1990s, with Julien Forest — Jean-Claude's son — describing the project as "the first step in a multimedia approach designed to herald the return of Barbarella."

Multiple attempts have been made to revive Barbarella on screen in recent years, with Robert Rodriguez at one point attached to direct a movie reboot, and Nicolas Winding Refn signing on to oversee a television revival.

In a statement released by Dynamite, editor Matt Idelson said that he has "always been a fan of stories that have a real message hidden within an engaging and entertaining package. Barbarella's message was about the freedom of self-expression, and while it sadly was missed by the majority of readers at the time, enough people figured it out for the character to endure. Getting the chance to participate in creating new stories for an all-time (and all-time under-appreciated) classic like Barbarella is beyond a dream come true!"

The new series will launch in 2017, with more information released in coming months.