Barry Allen 'Flash'es Back to His Time in Gotham (Exclusive Preview)

The critically acclaimed run for Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato comes to an end with "The Flash" #25, set before Barry Allen became DC Comics' Fastest Man Alive.
Francis Manapul/DC Entertainment

The 25th issue of DC Comics' The Flash may be the end of an era for the writing team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato, but it's also a beginning for Barry Allen as the issue flashes back to before he became the Fastest Man Alive, tying in with the current Batman "Zero Year" storyline.

While Buccellato is staying with the series for the next three issues as a solo writer -- working with artist Patrick Zircher on a storyline about the early days of Flash's hometown -- the Manapul and Buccalleto team will be moving on to Batman and Detective Comics in 2014, with the two describing their final Flash issue together as a prologue to what's to come in Gotham City.

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The issue has something for fans disinterested in Batman, however. Alongside the chance to see a pre-Flash Barry Allen in action, there's also some amazing artwork by Chris Sprouse, as you can see from the exclusive preview, below.

The Flash #25 will be available in comic book stores and digitally next Wednesday.