Batkid Saves San Francisco: Internet's Best Reactions

Stars, Major League teams teams and President Obama are singing the praises of five-year-old Miles, who dressed as a miniature caped crusader to fight crime.
Ramin Talaie/Getty Images
Miles dressed as BatKid

The Internet officially has Batkid fever.

San Francisco transformed into Gotham on Friday to make a wish come true for Batkid, whose secret identity is Miles. The  five-year-old Batman fan has battled cancer and is in remission after completing chemotherapy this summer.

PHOTOS: Batkid Saves San Francisco

Batkid's heroics earned the thanks from all over – from Batman studio Warner Bros. and DC Comics to the San Francisco Giants for saving the team's beloved mascot, Lou Seal. Stars such as Anna Kendrick, Olivia Munn and Nick Lachey confessed to getting a little verklempt thanks to epic photos of Miles saving damsels in distress and receiving a key to the city from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. The day of super-heroics was made possible thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and thousands of volunteers who came out to cheer Miles on.

Arrow's Stephen Amell released a thank you (in costume), in which he wonders why he hasn't been able to find any criminals to fight. It turns out, Batkid cleaned up the streets too well.

President Barack Obama released a congratulatory Vine, while the Department of Justice and the FBI released press releases praising Batkid's heroics. The DOJ's release included indictments for The Riddler and the Penguin.

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See some of the many, many responses to Batkid's super day below.