'Batman Begins' Finally Gets an Honest Trailer

'The Dark Knight' trilogy can now rest in peace.
Warner Bros./Photofest
'The Dark Knight' trilogy can now rest in peace.

This is the one the people have been waiting for.

Honest Trailers has finally completed its take on The Dark Knight trilogy — and it saved the first for last with 2005's Batman Begins getting the treatment.

The trailer comes years after 2012's The Dark Knight Honest Trailer broke ground for the series as the first movie its gravelly voiced narrator had to admit was actually good. It's take on The Dark Knight Rises take a few months later was much less kind.

Now it's come full circle, going back to a time when audiences weren't sick of superhero origin stories yet and seeing Bruce Wayne "cosplaying as a hobo" added to the film's gritty realism. 

Check it out in all it's glory:

And for fun, here are the Honest Trailers for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises: